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FOUNDER OF Lacedbyliyah Custom Designs & Decor

Aaliyah has been planning and styling events through her own boutique company, Lacedbyliyah Custom Designs & Decor, since 2019. It is no secret that Louisiana is home to some very talented event planners. So what makes Lacedbyliyah unique, you may be wondering? It is without a doubt, her passion and commitment to her clients. Perhaps the most exciting time for Aaliyah is the beginning stages of working with her clients. This is a time during which she focuses on getting to know them on both a professional and personal level. Aaliyah understands that her clients hire her to be an extension of themselves, therefore she strives to learn the ways in which she can stay true to their values, vision and goals. Friendship, trust and confidence flourish as she continues to work with her clients, culminating an event that is flawlessly executed and remembered for years to come.

Aaliyah understands that each party is unique and that inevitable challenges are bound to arise during the planning process. Aaliyah never tires of a challenge and prides herself on finding timely and ingenious ways of overcoming them. She has a keen eye for design and uncanny knack for staying on top of all the little details. Above all else, she demonstrates meticulous planning and passion for perfection. When the day of your event has finally arrived, you'll find yourself worry free with complete faith in Aaliyah and her ability to execute the celebration you've been planning for months and dreaming about for years. 

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